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Control Your Data

All team data is stored in a single software and you control access via user and group permissions

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Offline Sync

All data is available offline allowing you to work with or without an internet connection

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Highly Configurable

Flexible data schema and user interface can integrate with different car architectures and team workflows

Real-time data synchronization

All data is stored in a private database allowing quick and easy access to past event data. The offline synchronization ensures you always have access to your data, even if you do not have an internet connection.

  • Seamlessly syncing
  • Multi-user live collaboration with your team
  • Work offline

Safety and Privacy

Control all data access via user and group permissions with our account management website to protect the flow of sensitive information.

  • Database backup every 24h
  • 30 days saved of backup data
  • AWS Cloud Security practices

Organize your workflow for the season

Create your championships, events and sessions to prepare your season. Add cars, drivers, tracks and create all parts and specifications you need. Manage easily your tyres, create your tyre sets and brake sets and allocate them to a specific event.

A software built for teamwork

Empower your people to do their best work by editing together and sharing information. Assign tasks to your team members and follow the work done.

Visualize relevant data for any level of responsibility in your organization and keep everyone on the same page (engineers, team manager, technicians, tyre guy, mechanics…)

Run planner tool

Build your run plan for each session and update your plan live to optimize your running time on track. Anticipate any variation (weather, track status,..) by creating several scenarios prior to any running. Plan and detail each lap of your runs with your custom data.

  • Driver
  • Tyre and brake set
  • Timing management (pit time, start time, time to go,...)
  • Fuel management (fuel consumption, fuel remaining, ...)
  • ...etc

Run sheets

While the car is running, create the runs manually or use our live timing software to populate automatically the runs and laps.

  • Manage your tyres (pressures, wear measurement,...)
  • Manage the fuel in the car
  • Share engineers and drivers comments
  • Update your issue list
  • Change your setup
  • Attached files
  • ...etc

Keep track of every important details and engage the whole team to populate the run sheets with important information.

Setup sheets

Create your own setup sheet design by using our layout and control toolbox. Add at any time new parts and parameters to get a fully customizable setup sheet.

Highlight the setup changes made during your session and compare any setup to each other. During the session, the live setup comparison allows to automatically compare the latest setups for each of your cars in your team.

Lap KPI (Key Performance Indicator)

Analyse lap-by-lap your car performance and reliability:

  • Create your own math channels and KPI definitions
  • Plot vs lap number or session time
  • Choose the sessions and runs you want to analyse
  • Compare several cars to each other
  • Current file data supported: Pi, Motec and WinDarab

Analyse and report

Access to any data stored in the database and filter by event, car, session, driver, track… etc. Create a season summary of your car setup parameters, add custom math channels to be overlayed and display your metrics lap by lap. Use the statistical analysis tool on event data to better highlight important information.

Export your data

Any data stored in your setup sheets and run sheets can be exported to Excel or XML format using a custom profile. Thanks to this feature, your setup can be used in any other software for simulation for example.

Connect live on the current session

Our live timing software HH Timing allows to send timing data to HH Data Management. The following functions become automatic when the plugin is used:

  • A new run sheet will be created for each outing with the correct start and end time
  • Each lap will be created within the run sheet
  • The lap times and sector times will be entered

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  • Create plugins to add custom functionality
  • Custom screens and calculations
  • Integrate with existing simulation tools

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