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Live Timing and Strategy

During a session, HH Timing allows you to track what is happening on track with all competitors and make the correct decisions

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Offline Analysis

For pre-event preparation or post-event analysis, HH Timing can be used offline to review all data

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Report Generation

A reporting framework allows you to quickly create detailed reports after a session to share with all members of the team

Strategy overview

  • Comprehensive end of race predictions
  • Simple or advanced whole field forward prediction options
  • Fuel or driving time determined strategy options
  • Intelligent algorithms to account for track status

Track Maps

  • Track, circle and gap maps
  • Car following
  • Track status
  • Pit exit position estimation


  • Overview scoreboard
  • Best sector scoreboard
  • Lap analysis scoreboard
  • Live crossing order scoreboard
  • Driving time and performance summary
  • Car scoreboard (laps, pit stops, stint summary,...)
  • Customizable columns with a large number of parameters available


  • Gap graph with race projection
  • Customizable scatter and time series plots
  • Raising average
  • GPS speed trace and driving lines


  • Flexible drag & drop displays
  • Multi monitor support
  • Layouts saveable for quick loading

HTML Reporting

  • Interactive HTML or static PDF reports
  • Generates in seconds
  • Predefined templates for different session types
  • Customize Report
  • Quick Report

Excel Export

With so many engineers using Excel based run sheets, automatically populating these with timing data can be a huge time saver. This avoids input errors and allows engineers to concentrate on managing their race.

  • Automatically populate runsheets with live data
  • Configurable export rules allow a wide variety of Excel sheets to be supported
  • Call VBA macros as part of the export to trigger custom logic

Plugin framework

Our plugin framework allows custom software elements to be implemented within HH Timing. It can be built as bespoke features by HH Development or customers.

  • Advanced pre-race and live strategy tools
  • Automatic pit board controller
  • Tools to help with championship specific rules
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